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Ask Jes

Company- and staff groups

Draw & Design

The creative human - the creative space - the innovative process


Purpose and content

Day course where you meet the multi-artist Jes Nordby and business psychologist and PhD in innovation Lars Henrik Nielsen which at the same time are each other's assumptions and contradictions.

The purpose of the course is to experience the creative process on your own body and soul – alone and with good colleagues – and get the opportunity to link the creative approach and energy to specifically work in your daily workplace including innovation and change.

The course is aimed at private and public companies and institutions, and is being held by Jes Nordby, -in a different, inspiring and authentic environment.

The course

Duration approximately 7 hours.

½ hour breakfast.
1 hour introduction v. Jes Nordby.
1 hour Folding Drawing v. Jes Nordby.
¼ hour break.
1 hour presentation on creativity v. Lars Henrik Nielsen.
½ hour break - walk.
1 hour lunch and "an experience" v. Jes Nordby.
1 hour presentation on innovation and the onward journey v. Lars Henrik Nielsen.
¼ hour coffee/tea & cake.
¼ hour collection of the most important learning v. Lars Henrik Nielsen.
¼ hour thanks for today.

After delivery

Drawings and photos from the day are available as pdf.

Number of participants

10-20 persons.


Price per person: DKK 1800, - excl. VAT.
Price includes catering.
Payment 8 days before the start of the course.

Course creation

Contact Jes Nordby on tel.: 7557 1475 or via email:

Selection of finished common drawings

Cards, posters and decorations

The day´s drawings may, by agreement, be printed as postcards and posters, -that can be used for decoration, -or in connection with the branding of your company.

Example of a framed poster with a selection of common drawings

Decorations made by course participant

Decorations made by course participant


Many thanks for a exciting, instructive and not least fun day, in the super lovely surroundings.

I saw the day as energizing and inspiring. You and Lars managed to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, with a good variety of "hands on" and active listening.

We work in Kid Design Across much with pushing boundaries and see things from new angles and perspectives. We work among others with concepts like: "What's the worst that can happen",
"Why say no when you can say yes", "See possibilities rather than limiting", -so the day did fit just super nicely into our good dialogues in the group.

I look forward to evaluating the day in the group. We will then find out what material we would like to have "developed" of our art.

It is certainly not the last time we visited you and your gallery :-)

(Marianne Arnsten Dupont, Daginstitutionsleder, Designbørnehuset, Kolding)

Thank you very much for the submitted material from the day, -we will frame the pictures and decorate our offices with them.

We all had a great and inspiring day with you. The warm, bright colors you use gives joy and enthusiasm.

The course with folding drawings was great fun too, and all were committed.

(Anni Erichsen, Sundhedsplejen, Haderslev Kommune)
  ATELJES - Galleri Jes Nordby - Stenderupvej 125 - DK - 6092 - Sønder Stenderup - Tel. +45 7557 1475