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Ask Jes



What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that we save on your computer to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary to get the website to work. Cookies help us also to get an overview of your visit to the website. Cookies remember f. ex. if you are logged in, what you put in your shopping cart and if you have previously visited a page, and so on.
Types of cookies we use on and

Session cookies

Session cookies are necessary to keep the connection between your computer and a website/application running. It is f. ex. the case with the customer center and the shopping cart, which you can not use if you have disabled cookies in your browser. Session cookies are deleted once you close your browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your computer to remember a choice you made.
You can in the settings of your browser delete cookies already stored.
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