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Ask Jes

Art Round

Art Round on the Stenderup peninsula


We would like to welcome associations, companies and other groups to an exciting and inspiring Art Round where you visit 3 different artists - all residing on the scenic Stenderup Peninsula - located near Kolding.

Multi Artist

Jes Nordby
Stenderupvej 125, 6092 Sønder Stenderup.


Henrik Fischer
Stenderupvej 189, 6092 Sønder Stenderup.

Glass Artists

Pernille Bach Petersen og Henrik Pagh Sørensen
Skovhavevej 41, 6091 Bjert.


You will visit various artists in their workshop or gallery where they tell a little about their work. You will see, among other things, paintings, graphics, posters, bronze- and ceramic sculptures, glass dishes, -jewelry and -vases.
The Art round is completed at Jes Nordby, where you will be offered coffee/tea and cake
If you want cheese board or similar, it can be arranged by appointment.
You must arrange your transportation.
Duration: 3 hours.


Price per person: 90 DKK.
Minimum 10 people - Maximum 40 people.
For groups over 20 individuals the group is shared in 2, one group starting at Pernille/Henrik (glass artists), and the other at Henrik (sculptor).
Then you swap, and will finally be assembled as 1 group at Jes Nordby.


Date and time according to agreement. Contact Gallery Jes Nordby on tel.: 7557 1475 or via email:


Find route



Dorothea, Kolding
Vojens Kunstcirkel, Vojens
Sel(v)skabsklubben, Christiansfeld
Hjerteforeningen, Kolding
Kunstcirklen Soluret, Nyborg
HK Company Art, Kolding
Hansenberg pensionistforening, Kolding
Lægehuset Bjert, Bjert
UU-vejlederne, Kolding
Senior Chambers, Kolding
Børne- og skoleforvaltningen, Kolding
Lunderskovpigerne, vandreklub, Lunderskov
VELUX A/S, productionteam, Kolding/København
Grønne pigespejdere, ledergruppe, Kolding
Dybøl Efterskoles bestyrelse, Dybøl
Midtfyns Vandforsyning, Ringe
Simmersteds Husholdningsforening, Simmersted
Krisecenter Sønderjylland, Sønderborg
Kunstforeningen PAKHUSET, Faaborg
Litteraturklubben, Vejen
Inner Wheel, Assens
Sydbank seniorklub, Kolding og omegn
Kvindeklubben, Vamdrup
FOF, Daghøjskolen, Kolding
Klub 92, Vamdrup
PET, Kolding
Horsens Gymnasium, "Efter Skoletid", Horsens
By- og Udviklingsforvaltningen, Kolding
Kusineklubben, Kolding
Kunstgruppen, Vejle
Kirsebærhaven, personalegruppe, Kolding
Hønsesklubben, Kolding
Torsdagsklubben, Harte
Pensionistforeningen, Bjert
FOF, undervisere, Kolding
Daginstitutionen Kernehuset, Nr. Bjert
KHL, Kolding
Odense Renovations Kunstforening
Naboklubben, Tved
Børne- og uddannelsesforvaltningen, personalegruppe, Kolding
Inner Wheel, Vamdrup
Ærø Kunstforening
Social- og sunhedsforvaltningen, personalegruppe, Middelfart
Inner Wheel, Christiansfeld
Kolding Husflidsforening, Kolding
Skovagerskolens Kunstforening, Jelling
Bofællesskabet Gyndbjerg, Bjert
BUPL senior, Haderslev
Støttecentret for senhjerneskadede, personalegruppe, Kolding
Club 19, DK
Guldpigerne, DK
Jobcenter Vejen
Klub Primo, Haderslev
Kvarterhusets Malergruppe, Kolding
Designbørnehuset, personalegruppe, Vonsild
Bureau Veritas, Fredericia
Oasen, Vester Nebel
Odd Fellow logen, Kolding
Kolding Lærerkreds 1
Kolding Lærerkreds 2
Odense Universitetshospitals Kunstforening
Kolding Kunstkompost
Vejle Sekretærforening
Bjert/Stenderup Husholdingsforening
Vejen Soroptimistklub
Dong Energys Kunstforening, Fredericia
Campus Vejles Kunstforening
Inner Wheel, Middelfart
Den Kommunale Tandpleje, Vejen
Diverse private grupper


We had a really good and inspiring Art-Round.

The feedback from my colleagues was very positive, -so the trip was definitely a success.

(Alice Haaning Kristensen, UU-vejleder, Kolding)

Dear Mari-Ann and Jes.

Thank you for a lovely Sunday afternoon at you yesterday. All my friends thought it was interesting and inspiring with an excellent cake and beautiful table decorations.

Also THANKS to Henrik Fischer for a very absorbing introduction to his art, very exquisite.

(Mette Mørk, Fredericia)

It was super interesting and fun to learn about the world you are in, which is somewhat different from our everyday lives in VELUX ..

We had a splendid art round. It was very impressive when you do not know so much about this kind of world.

Thank you for delicious meals!

I would highly recommend this to others. Have a good day!

(Charlotte Ludvigsen, VELUX)

19 happy girls from Simmersted Husholdningsforening says thank you for an excellent evening.

All was even happier.

The cake was very superb.

(Simmersted Husholdningsforening)

I want to on my club's behalf thank you for an exciting, inspiring and pleasant evening.
All three artists talked about how they get inspiration for their works, different techniques, and the finished results. Then we could walk around and enjoy.

All in all a successful program/event, I would like to recommend to others.

(Inge Møller, Assens Inner Wheel)

Hey Jes, thank you for a lovely afternoon yesterday.
We were all fascinated by the way in each of your ways enthusiastically told about your art.

PS: It was a delicious cake you had baked.

(PET, Kolding)

Thank you for a lovely and inspiring event.

("Efter Skoletid", Horsens Gymnasium)

We all had an excellent experience of the Art Round. Exciting to get a little background knowledge and ideas behind the artists' works.

(Lone Friis, Kolding)

It was a supewrb experience of being on the Art Round, - and also, we had a nice end with good humor and good meals!

(Max Ustrup, forstander FOF, Kolding)

Thank you for a fantastic event - it's been a exciting evening, thanks for the lovely food and good service.

(Marianne Nissen, Inner Wheel, Vamdrup)

We had an enjoyable Art Round, and the weather was fine - no problems with cycling from Agtrup! And nice with a lovely cake and warming coffee in the fresh spring air.... We traded both jewelry, vases and cards - and first of all, we greeted Henrik an Pernille, Henrik and Jes and learned their studios and workshops to know - I wonder if it rubs a second time when to be heard anything more or invested in art. Thank you for a excellent idea and experience!

Best wishes Georg.

(Georg Unna, Bofællesskabet Gyndbjerg, Bjert)

Just want to say 1000 thanks for a super evening. We felt very welcome, and it was a fantastic experience to sit amongst all the pictures and listen to Jes - and eat lovely food. We would highly recommend the trip to everyone we know.

Many loving greetings Lone :)

(Lone Rosager, Støttecentret for senhjerneskadede, Kolding)

Thank you for a fantastic experience all 3 places!
We all had some lovely hours on the peninsula, and we came mighty uplifted home from the trip. Now you must greet the other two artists on the Art Round from us - but also thanks to you for the small talk and the lovely coffee-arrangement.

At Club 19`s behalf thank you for this time.

(Else Hansen, Club 19, DK)

Thank you for a lovely experience yesterday.
The whole trip around, the diversity, the personalities and the art, it was just super!
Everyone was very happy and excited for the event, which ended perfectly by you.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know who likes a good experience - and see some art!

(Torben Birkelund Damsø, Bureau Veritas, Fredericia)

Wonderful evening: First we visited in two teams both glass artist Pernille Bach Petersen and Henrik Pagh Sørensen and skulpør Henrik Fischer and eventually we all gathered at the artist Jes Nordby. All three places we met enthusiastic artists, who talked about their works of art. We had a happy and inspiring evening that ended with coffee and lovely cake.

Just think - that we have such talented artists here in the area. We can only recommend the Art Round to others.

(Vibeke Restrepo, Odd Fellow logen, Kolding)

Thanks for a great event with good food and courteous lecture on the dot that became an infinite painting.

(Christina Beirholm, Dong Energy, Fredericia)

We thank you very much for a fabulous event you have arranged. We came all tired but enriched home from a really good day. It's certainly not the last time we come by your beautiful patch of green. :-)

(Heidi Physalis Madsen, Vejen Kommunale Tandpleje)

Thank you for a good experience with the girls from "Thursdays trip club", it was really nice, cozy and a happy experience, to be with you.

(Bodil Stelling, privat gruppe, Kolding)  
  ATELJES - Galleri Jes Nordby - Stenderupvej 125 - DK - 6092 - Sønder Stenderup - Tel. +45 7557 1475