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Ask Jes

Meeting in Gallery Jes Nordby

Meeting facilities

Team meeting in Gallery Jes Nordby

Should your company, association or similar meet, here is the opportunity to gather in a different, inspiring and authentic environment, surrounded by Jes Nordby´s colorful, humorous and cheerful works.

The gallery is located in quiet surroundings, on a big beautiful natural site, with the opportunity to stretch your legs.

Jes Nordby can open the meeting with a short presentation about creativity and his art, and of course, there will be the opportunity for a tour in the 200 m2 large gallery and 150 m2 workshop.

Interior - Equipment

1 table with 16 seats and two tables each with 6 seats.
Wireless Internet.
Projector and screen with support for PC, Mac and iPad.
Paper board.
Parking area with bus turning area.


Presentation and tour by Jes Nordby (about 1 hour): 900 DKK.
Renting gallery for 2 hours: 1400 DKK.
Per extra hour: 400 DKK.
Coffee/tea/Danish water free to use (at least 10 persons), per. person: 20 DKK.

If you want cheese board/cake it can be arranged by appointment.
Prices are excl. VAT.

Open Mode

Creative feature before the meeting -see more on: Open Mode

Meeting booking

Contact Gallery Jes Nordby on tel. 7557 1475 or via email:
The gallery can be booked monday - saturday from 8-22 (except thursdays. 12-17).


On behalf of the LM Wind Power IT management team, I would like to thank you for an inspiring day at ATELJES in Sønder Stenderup. We had a productive yet fun and joyful day together at your lovely premises. Your introduction to creativity and exercises targeted at bringing us in “Open Mode” paved the way for thinking out of the box and fruitful discussions. In a diverse group of managers with representation from China, India, Spain, Poland, Holland, Brazil, USA and Denmark ability to open up and share creative thoughts is important. Doing something “completely different” was not only a welcome break but also an opportunity to discover “Open Mode” as a useful tool in a busy corporate life.

(Jacob Schytz Frandsen, Senior Director, Global Information Technology, LM Wind Power)
  ATELJES - Galleri Jes Nordby - Stenderupvej 125 - DK - 6092 - Sønder Stenderup - Tel. +45 7557 1475