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Ask Jes

Company and personnel groups

Open Mode

Purpose and content

In this course, you draw "Folding Drawings". The focus is on the process and the natural flow and the purpose is to put each other in game and play and allow the participants to use new forms of expression and communication. It is an unpretentious mini course that shakes the participants together.


1 hour introduction.
1 hour sketch and color drawing.
½ hour coffee/tea & cake.
End of the tour in the gallery.
Duration approximately 2,5 hours.

The process is guided by Jes Nordby.

After delivery

Drawings and photos from the day will be available as pdf.

Postcards, posters and decorations

The day´s drawings can, by appointment, be printed as postcards and posters, -that can be used for decoration.

Number of participants

10-20 persons.


Price per person: 500 DKK, -excl. VAT.
Price includes coffee/tea & cake.
If you want cheese board, it can be arranged by appointment.

Workshop creation

Contact Jes Nordby on tel.: 7557 1475 or via email:

Selection of finished common drawings in black/white

Selection of finished common drawings in color

Posters and postcards

The day´s drawings can, by appointment, be printed as postcards and posters.

Example of a poster with a selection of joint drawings


On behalf of the LM Wind Power IT management team, I would like to thank you for an inspiring day at ATELJES in Sønder Stenderup. We had a productive yet fun and joyful day together at your lovely premises. Your introduction to creativity and exercises targeted at bringing us in “Open Mode” paved the way for thinking out of the box and fruitful discussions. In a diverse group of managers with representation from China, India, Spain, Poland, Holland, Brazil, USA and Denmark ability to open up and share creative thoughts is important. Doing something “completely different” was not only a welcome break but also an opportunity to discover “Open Mode” as a useful tool in a busy corporate life.

(Jacob Schytz Frandsen, Senior Director, Global Information Technology, LM Wind Power)

Thank you for the submitted pictures and drawings, and some amazing hours of fun with you. All agreed that it had been a great experience and a nice break from our very structured and scheduled every day.

It was thoughtful in a really good way.

High praise to you for your entertaining fashion.
I would certainly recommend you and this event to others !!
I hope that you ogå you will bring praise to your daughter for the delicious cake :-)

(Henrik Dejgaard, Konsulent, ASPECT4, Kolding)

I would like to say thank you to the Mari-Ann and Jes Nordby for a really excellent and inspiring event in visual art characters. The department had a theme entitled "Explore your imagination, nature and smile" it was completely fulfilled! In beautiful natural surroundings, we found ATELJES - Gallery Jes Nordby, where we were well received. We were enriched with stories about being an artist, thoughts and ideas of the various works, how they arise and are created. After a very impressive presentation, it was our turn, now we should be an artist for a day. The big question was, could we do it? The answer was a resounding yes. Good and inspiring led by Jes Nordby, we were all guided through the line and colors options, all were seized by the process, there was laughing and imagination unleashed. After a few hours of effort we all enjoyed a good lunch in the gallery, surrounded by many beautiful works. When lunch was enjoyed, Jes Nordby was ready with a slideshow of the entire process, participants in the work and their results. In the end, we were all impressed and proud of the beautiful paintings we had created together. We had a day been artists with imagination, nature and the smile in focus.

(Palle Priska, afdelingschef, Hoffmann A/S, Fredericia)

Thank you for last time. It was a fantastic day, and there were nothing but positive feedback from all of us in Bramdrup SFO.

Personally, I become aware of a lot of options and I would like to talk more with you about a day course.

(Pia Wellendorph Lehmann, SFO-leder, Bramdrup Skole, Kolding)

A manager at Sydbank must be able to create a good mood, joy and enthusiasm. And it was remarkable that something as simple as a folding drawing can have 21 adults to be deep concentrated and efficient for several hours - and at the same time have fun and make a useful result of something entirely unfamiliar.

(Finn Boel Pedersen, Regionsdirektør, Sydbank, Kolding)

I had a brief chat with participating students and they were very positive about the day out with you. On average they find it had been a fun day, and that they had plenty of inspiration for, how different creative tools can be used as part of a development process.

(Kim Røhling Petersen, Udviklingskonsulent, HK JOBliv, Kolding)

Thanks for some good hours of your marvelous place. Both politicians and we from Amtsgården were very happy with the day, -that was sufficiently structured, so there was time for the serious, the fun and inspiring. Only roses from here.

(Karin Fuhrmann, Undervisnings- og kulturforvaltningen, Vejle Amt)

Good mood is contagious, and it was very much what we experienced by Jes Nordby.

Kolding region's leadership team spent a few hours in Jes Nordby studio as part of a weekend of inspiration for the ten-man management team with spouses.

Thank you for last, and thanks for the material submitted - it was a great experience that everyone was very happy about.

(Poul Verner Nielsen, Ældrechef, Vejen kommune)
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