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Art cards

Shop - Art cards

Here you will find double art cards in size A6 and A5, -all incl. quality envelope.

Jes Nordby performs the art cards when ordering. This way you will receive brand new art cards and we respect the environment as we do not have stock- and resource waste.

Group 1 - Here you will find the warm coloristic and imaginative genre.

Group 2 - Here you will find lively and colorful motives.

Group 3 - Here you will find the teeming and humorous imagery.

Group 4 - Here you will find the more simple and black and white expression.

Group 5 -  Here you will find the colorful and clear form.

Group 6 - Here you will find the transparent and translucent style.

Group 7 - Here you will find the calligraphic stroke.
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